Where to go this summer

Looking for places to go? Too many choices? Need more information? Campgrounds? Recreation.Gov

Have you considered Alaska?   Spectacular scenery, miles of trails, and wildlife everywhere.

If you are looking for some really great off-road trails, check out the various location videos in the “Where” section of Exdirt.com. If you want to explore some of America’s spectacular National or State parks and do some wheelin’ at the same time, check out http://www.recreation.gov/. There are millions of miles of great off-road trails to explore all across America.

After picking a State or an area to explore, what’s next? For good local information on trails and events in the selected area, look for local 4WD clubs in the area in the Clubs list on Exdirt.com. Contact the local clubs for scheduled trail runs, to find someone to guide you through the local trails, or just to find some fellow off-roaders to wheel with.

If you are camping, reservations for campsites at State or National campgrounds can be made at the Recreation.gov site. Private campgrounds can be found at Woodalls.com which also includes all the Good Sam campgrounds and of course camping on BLM land or in many U.S. Forests can be free but you do need to check the local regulations before setting up camp.

For hotels or motels in the area, use one of the many search engines; Hotels.com, Expedia, Booking.com, etc. They will search for the hotels, provide reviews, prices, availability and even make the reservations for you. Typically, I check with the local Chamber of Commerce as well to determine what the locals prefer and support. Nothing beats a meal from a neighborhood diner that is frequented by those that know.

Spring time is a great time to plan the summer vacation and to pick some the trails to run this summer. Hopefully these resources will give you some ideas on where to go and what to do. If you need more ideas, check out the calendar on Exdirt.com.

If you have some additional resources that we should list, please add them to our blog. Your fellow Jeepers will appreciate the info.

Have fun on the trails but stay on the trail. Wheel responsibly.




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