Can you believe what grows in the desert

Cactus flower exdirt offroadingWhile exploring some backroads in the San Bernardino mountains last weekend, I was pleased to find so many beautiful spring flowers in bloom. Even at an altitude of over five thousand feet, where there were still a few patches of snow left from the winter months, there were flowers.

For those in the Western States, it is a good time to hit the trails in Death Valley before the summer heat makes it almost unbearable. The spring flowers in Death Valley carpet the landscape with colors found only on an artist’s paint palette.Wildflowers exdirt offroading

Panamint Valley which is within the larger Death Valley area, is another area to explore not only for the flowers but the numerous abandoned mines. There are even some cabins that the BLM has left open for visitors to use for free. There are not too many free cabins anywhere and certainly not too many freebies from the government.

The Panamint Valley video on the Where to Go page at takes you to some of these spots in the area as well as the famous Barker Ranch which was the hideout for the Manson clan after they murdered Sharron Tate, her friends, and the Labianca’s. It is a fascinating place to explore with wash tubs, chairs and other items still in place.

Other places to wheel in the west where you should encounter spring flowers are in Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado. We saw the beginning of spring flowers in the desert at the recent Tierra Del Sol outing and will be looking for flowers next week while shooting some video in Johnson Valley which is high desert with a different variety of flowers.Ocotillo flower exdirt offroading

With the extreme weather that the East has been experiencing, I don’t know if the spring flowers have yet appeared there but it is worth watching for. Check with your local off-road clubs for trail runs that include searching for flowers. Also, don’t forget your camera. Extreme close ups shots of beautiful flowers always look great on you Facebook or Instagram pages.

If you know of some trails that currently have a plethora of flowers, please let us know with a comment below!

Have fun!


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