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Vern Vihlene About PageDedicated to those that are new to off-roads and to the more experienced off-roader, Exdirt is exclusively for the off-road enthusiast. Exdirt offers information on fun and exciting places to wheel, what to do when you get there, including events and shows, plus tips on how to do it.

Personally, when I first bought a Jeep, I didn’t even know where to buy a high lift jack or why I would need one. Everyone seemed to have a high lift jack, so I must need one but why?

On my first off-road adventure, I forded a stream during a rain storm, which I later found to be a very bad idea due to the potential of a flash flood. More than that, I had my family in the Jeep but we were miles from a paved highway and we were all by ourselves, another thing that I later found to be a bad idea. It was some time before I felt comfortable enough to attempt some of the more challenging trails with friends. Today, I still ask a lot of questions of those more experienced than myself in an effort to save my Jeep, my money and even myself.

Because of my experiences, I realized that everyone, from the newbie to the pro, still needs information on how to do it, what to do and where to do it. Therefore; EXDIRT – Exclusively Off-Road.

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Note: You can tell that the picture of me and my Jeep is old because there are no Moab dings or Arizona pinstriping plus I am younger and thinner 🙂

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